NEW Duravit Toilets We Admire at National Fixture Supply

Duravit is our ceramics & acrylic bathroom fixture partner. We recommend Duravit toilets, sinks & bathtubs to all of our customers. The Wondergliss finish is so sanitary, easy to clean and beautiful. Duravit fixtures are Made in Germany. 

Duravit supplies us with the best toilets for our customers. Most customers are skeptical of wall hung toilets for their home bathroom, but after the experience of learning how they work, you'll understand why they are the future of modern bathroom design. 

With “The Best Toilet” by Duravit, we want to provide an answer to all questions, requirements and wishes relating to the toilet. After all, Duravit toilets score top rankings in all categories: Flushing technique, design, sustainability, comfort, hygiene at optimum value for money. In short: The Best Toilet of Duravit. This “best” category 

includes, of course, the innovative SensoWash® C shower-toilet seat and the efficient Duravit Rimless® flushing technology – available in the Darling New, DuraStyle and Happy D.2 design lines.

Rimless. With its new Rimless technology, Duravit demonstrates how geometry, fluid mechanics and design can be successfully combined for maximum efficiency. In Duravit Rimless®, the open design of the WC rim enables an innovative and powerful flush: water flows in the form of a horizontal arc, and then vertically, before flushing the entire inner surface of the bowl without splashing.